The Best FM Radio Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

Here, we’ll share to you the best 10 FM Radio Apps for Android that you can install it on your Samsung Galaxy S4. As we know, Samsung Galaxy S4 with lots of amazing features and powerful specs, don’t have simple thing like an FM radio.

Best FM Radio Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung has explained that the feature has been removed from their high-end smartphones because Galaxy S4 is following trend of devices obtaining their content in progressively massive part from the net, eventually moving to associate all-Internet content delivery system.

You can start with one of the Best FM Radio apps for android below:

1. TuneIn Radio (free & premium)

With TuneIn Radio you will be able to take pleasure in 70,000 live radio stations and 2 million podcasts, concerts or shows on your Android phone or tablet. For premium version go here!

2. SomaFM Radio Player ($4.01)

With SomaFM Radio Player you can access to 20 year-round channels of listener-supported, commercial free and underground radio.

3. Pandora internet radio (free)

With this app you can start with the name of one of your favorite artist, song, comedian, or even composer. It also create a custom station that plays similar tracks.

4. Slacker Radio (free)

With Slacker Radio you can access to the world’s best music and entertainment for free.

5. Spotify (free)

This app allows you listen to unlimited music on your phone for free for the first 48 hours, after that you need a Spotify Premium subscription to continue further.

6. Radioplayer (free)

With this app you can search for your favorite radio station, and set them as presets. It will bring all UK radio under the same hood.

7. Stitcher (free)

With Stitcher radio app you will discover over fifteen thousand shows, podcasts and live radio with lots more. You can also discover the best of NPR, CNN, Fox, BBC, Freakonomics, Adam Carolla, Ted Talks, SModcast, Joe Rogan, Rush Limbaugh, Radiolab, etc.

8. Pocket Casts ($4.09)

With Pocket Casts you can simply add your favorite podcasts, download or stream new episodes as they become available.


With this app you will bw able to learn on your favorite artist, find nearby events, and also share your music tastes with the Last.

10. XiiaLive- Internet Radio

With this app you cab search, organize, tag, and add or save your favorite streams for easy access any time you want to rock out.

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