Solar Case from EnerPlex To (slowly) Charge Your Samsung Galaxy S4

Solar Case – If you often go on nature trips like camping or hiking with your Samsung Galaxy S4, you will often go through situations where no power outlet is available to charge your device when the battery gets drained. In time like this, all you need is a solar-powered charger, some sunlight, and a little patience.

Solar Case Galaxy S4
Enerplex, a line of solar-powered smartphone cases, has just the solution for this situation as the company is offering a Galaxy S4 the case that also doubles as a solar-powered charger. Just stick your phone in the sun for an hour and you should get enough juice to make around 5 to 10 minutes phone call while it does not charge your device as fast as a regular charger. This is already enough time in case you want to contact someone in an emergency situation. Then, you can also fully charge your phone’s batter with about 3 days of constant sunlight. It seems better than nothing.

The EnerPlex Surfr case for the Galaxy S4 have built-in batteries, while the solar panel might not be all that useful for everday usage, charging your case’s battery with a USB cable is allowed to charge the battery normallyand It’s just about double your phone’s battery life. But, make sure you are near the power source first. It also comes with a 2500 mAh battery pack which doubles the battery life of your device. An integrated solar panel also packed that allows you to charge your device (slowly).

Key Features:

  • Standby Time – Up to 210 hrs
  • Internet Surfing – Up to 4 hrs
  • WiFi – Up to 7 hrs
  • Audio Play – Up to 24 hrs
  • Video Play – Up to 6 hrs

Surfr case is one of the best case for Samsung Galaxy S4 in the market since apart from protecting your device and can also charge it. It comes in white withwhite with pink cover, white with green cover, black with black cover, black with gunmetal cover, and blue cover and this case is now on market for $89.99.

Not only smartphone case, EnerPlex also offers other solar based charging solutions for consumerssuch as a backpack that comes integrated with a solar panel, called the EnerPlex Packr. The panels inside the backpack have a huge surface area and can fully charge a smartphone in under 5 hours which is also able to charge other USB enabled gadgets such as MP3 Players, GPS devices, digital cameras, and batteries just to name a few.Aside from the solar case and backpack, EnerPlex is introducing a new battery model called the Jumpr Slate which thickness is just 0.26 inches. It offers up to 10,000mAh battery pack and at price $59.

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