Samsung Planned to Make the First Smart Watches

South Korean technology company, Samsung innovates again with the plan of making the first Standalone Smart Watch Phone.


This Smart Watch can make and receive calls without having you use your mobile phone. The device is expected to be present in July.

Based on a report from the Wall Street stating that the Watch Phone Samsung makes a new innovation to be able to make and receive calls without having to involve the Smartphone. It is so great when compared with the watches on the market today. While there is additional information that the future possibilities of this device could also have the ability to take photos, send email, and equipped with GPS, Bluetooth and a heart rate monitor.

Added, Samsung will also plan to enter the SIM card in this device, which will run on Tizen Operating System.
As we know, that at this time the giant technology companies like Google, Apple, Samsung are racing to create new devices such as eye glasses Smart, and Smart Watch.

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