Restoring Samsung Galaxy S4 Firmware After Failed Kies Update

Restoring Samsung Galaxy S4 Firmware – If Kies finds failure on an ongoing update and the trouble appears when you try to recover the firmware or the operating system of your Samsung Galaxy S4 using the emergency firmware recovery, you can use these methods to restore Galaxy S4 firmware to successfully reload your OS.

Restoring Samsung Galaxy S4 Firmware
Backup everything first because if you undergo the processes enumerated below, all data from your device shall be deleted permanently and be warned though that the method here firmware only applies to supported models and choosing to. Check the Kies Information under the Help/Information menu to determine the version of the software. Then, run the following operation below:

Checking for Kies Compatibility

  1. Open Kies.
  2. Click Tools and choose Firmware Upgrade and Initialization.
  3. Enter the name of your device.
  4. Input the model name of your Galaxy S4 (in CAPS). You can find this information under the battery on device with a removable battery and on the back of devices that have an internal battery.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Kies will now verify if the features is available and your device is supported along with a warning message saying that all data from your device will be deleted during the process.
  7. Click OK to continue.

Restoring Galaxy S4 Firmware

Please follow the steps below to restore your Galaxy S4 firmware:


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