How to disable pop-up message on Samsung Galaxy S4 runs on Android Lollipop

When you receive a message on your Galaxy S4 which runs on Android Lollipop, you will notice that the message is displayed in a pop-up display. This is called as pop-up notifications, which it is a new feature of Android Lollipop to inform you a new message.

How to disable pop-up message on Samsung Galaxy S4

If you feel disturbed by this pop-up message, you can disable this function on your Galaxy S4. We would like tell you the way how to do this:

From the home screen, open the menu and tap on “Messages”. If you are in the overview, tap once on the options button. Now it appears a small menu, and now you can select “Settings”.

Now tap on the next sub-menu on “Notifications”. You will see different notification options there, and one of them is “pop-up display”.

To disable the pop-up display, remove the check mark in the checkbox. And now, if you receive a new message, it should not be a pop-up message.

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