Fixing Google Play Store Unsuccessful Download Error

Unsuccesful download error on Play store seems to be a problem for those whose device is powered with Android. If the file download has small size, it won’t be a big matter but when the file has a big size, it would be annoying because we need to re-download the same file and waiting for the download process.

Google Play Store Unsuccessful Download Error
This problem also striking Samsung Galaxy S4 though it claimed as the most powerful device, but there’s no device which never encounters error. There are several reasons that cause unsuccesful download error on Samsung Galaxy S4, such as there is not enough memory available on the phone, phone has problems communicating with the memory card, google Play Store has a temporary issue,  problem with the internet, and a third-party app interferes with the download process. Though the Google Play Store Download Unsuccessful error is a common issue for android users but it’s not a main problem and we can fix it with these set of simple procedures;

Step 1: Make sure your phone has enough storage left. The storage of your phone may have ran out without knowing it. This is a very common issue for those who owns of 16GB variant because half of the Galaxy S4’s internal storage is used for its features and operating system.There is a high possibility to have your phone ran out of its memory storage, If you’ve been downloading a lot of apps before, then that there is not enough storage left on your phone for new apps.

There are various ways to manage your phone’s storage:

  • Transfer some of your apps to microSD card.
  • Uninstall unnecessary apps and unused games.
  • Delete videos that you already watched, and many more.

The point is, this problem could be solved by simple memory management. Manage your apps and files that this problem won’t trouble you again.

Step 2: Make sure that your memory card still works. If this error appears owing to lack of storage, it’d definitely bug you once your memory card was corrupted, faulty or stay unmounted. Over time, the quality of your phone’s memory card deteriorate and it’s simply a matter of your time before this downside happens. For this, the best way to address it’s to shop for a new memory card, there’s no purpose in troubleshooting a drag that will certainly recur each now so.

Step 3: Check Google Play Store’s status. a method to try and do that’s by downloading apps that are smaller in size. If you’ll do this simply fine, then problem can be in that specific app you’re making an attempt to transfer. However, if you can’t transfer Associate in Nursing app in spite of what you are doing, it’s Google’s servers that have issues. however it’s sure their servers would be back on-line in no time therefore you simply ought to wait.

Step 4: Check your net association. Having an unstable net connection may conjointly cause this problem. therefore if you’re mistreatment either the mobile information or wireless local area network, you want to check if you’ll be able to hook up with the web by launching the browser and check out to navigate to some websites. If you’ll be able to do this simply fine, a minimum of you recognize your net association isn’t the matter. So, you’ll be able to proceed to troubleshooting the Play Store.

Step 5: Kill apps that interfere. generally conflict form between apps and it’s throughout now that issues occur however the matter is that it’s terribly troublesome to pinpoint that app is inflicting it. the simplest issue to try and do is as well the phone to Safe Mode to stop all third-party applications from running. If you’ll be able to download with success once during this mode, then there’s an app that interferes with the transfer method and that’s what you’re aiming to notice and disable or uninstall.

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