How to Fix Drops WiFi Connection when the Galaxy S4 sleeps

Are you getting problems on fixing drops WiFi connection when your Galaxy S4 sleeps? Some of the Samsung Galaxy S4 users said that they cannot complete downloading a file from the web, because whenever the screen turns off, their Wi-Fi also gets off.

How to Fix Drops WiFi Connection

We‘ve also experienced the same problem, and here’s what we did:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then tap on Connections.
  • Next tap on Wi-Fi.
  • Then tap the Menu key.
  • There is a choice that says “Keep Wi-Fi on throughout sleep,” select “Always.”

We tried downloading one thing off cyber web and waited till the screen turned off. We woke it up and located out the transfer was interrupted and also the phone was re-connecting to the network. Usually, this matter never happens. We’ve tried it with alternative devices plenty of times however it absolutely was the first time happened.

We rebooted the phone, downloaded the file and waited for the S4, and now the Wi-Fi stayed connected. Basically, there are times when you really need to reboot your Galaxy S4 so new settings will take effect.

Note: If the reboot did not work, we recommend you to disable Wi-Fi power saving mode.

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