How to Fix Ads Randomly Show up on Samsung Galaxy S4

How to Fix Ads Randomly Show Up – Many users reportedly have an annoying problem with their Galaxy S4 for several days. They don’t have any idea how to fix the ads that randomly show up on their phone. Are you have the same problem?

How to Fix Ads Randomly Show up
Here, we will give you a little tips How to Fix Ads that randomly Showing up on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

For the case, it seems to me that there are some “spammy” apps installed on your phone. Usually, some random apps are doing this. Did you happen to download or install any third-party app on your Galaxy S4? If it’s true, we recommend you to scour all of your recently downloaded apps permissions and observe which apps allow writing over the top of other apps. If these are pop-ups, so those permissions need to do what they do. Our final suggestion is to delete or uninstall that apps, or pay for the free version of that ads.

If you can’t found any suspected apps on your Galaxy S4’s system and the ads still pop up randomly, we suggest you to backup all your files and perform a Factory Reset, instead.

It has been known that Factory data reset can resolved different issues on the Galaxy S4 handset, including a complete deletion of “spammy” services that still running on the phone. But, this should always be considered your last option, because will erase all personalized information from your device.

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