Android Lollipop update for Samsung Galaxy S4 is available

Android Lollipop update – Currently the update of Android Lollipop is available for Samsung Galaxy S4. The update is available either via OTA or via Samsung Kies.

With Android Lollipop on your Samsung Galaxy S4, you can experience lots of new features. So it is recommended to install it on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

android lollipop update galaxy s4

Android Lollipop update for Samsung Galaxy S4

If you haven’t noticed the information of downloading Android Lollipop on Samsung Galaxy S4, you can do manual search for it. This works as follows:

From the Home Screen open the menu > Settings > Options > Device Information > Software Updates > Update Now.

Tap on the last entry to check whether the new firmware is available for download on Galaxy S4. The firmware now can be downloaded via OTA on your smartphone.

The process needs about half an hour, so it is suggested that the battery is fully charged before starting the process.

Now, enjoy your Galaxy S4 with the Android Lollipop update.

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