An eye icon on the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S4

Whenever you see an eye in the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S4, you might think about the function of this icon is. Now, we would like to tell you about the function of the eye icon on your Samsung Galaxy S4, and how to hide it.

eye icon samsung galaxy s4

Actually, the eye icon appears when you are activating the SmartScreen feature. SmartScreen feature uses your eyes movement to activate certain features on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Below are the functions available on SmartScreen:

  • Smart Stay : The screen of your Samsung Galaxy S4 will keep lighting when you look at the screen.
  • Intelligent Rotation : The screen rotates depends on the rotation of your face.
  • Smart Pause : This option will stop a video when you look away from the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen.
  • Smart Scroll : This option will scroll on a website up and down by tilting your head.

So, if you have activated the SmartScreen, that’s why the eye icon always appears on the Samsung Galaxy S4 status bar.

Then, if you want to turn off the SmartScreen, proceed like below:

Menu -> My Device -> SmartScreen.

After that, remove the first three options in the checkbox and then slide the last function of the controller from “On” to “Off”.

After you switching from “On” to “Off” the function of the SmartScreen will be disabled on your Samsung Galaxy S4, and also the eye icon has disappeared from the status bar.

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