32GB AT&T Galaxy S4 is Now Available

32GB AT&T Galaxy S4 available since May 10, 2013 Ago. So, if you feel that the 16GB model is too small for your device, this is a great news for you. You will be able to hold more songs, apps, video, pictures and also files or anything else you want to manage to your Samsung galaxy S4.

at&t galaxy s4

AT&T Galaxy S4

The 32GB AT&T Galaxy S4 permit all users to download over double the quantity of storage as the regular 16GB, and using the 32GB version will cost you a little more. The extra space of 32GB version will cost you $249.99 on a two year plan, and $199 for the 16GB model.

At this time it seems AT&T Galaxy S4 is stocking the 32GB only in the “black mist” colors, such as the store page for the 32GB model does not allow you to choose the color.

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