How to Uninstall Apps on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

How to Uninstall Apps – After buying the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge smartphone, It’s so probable that you’ll install apps on the handset to try the hardware of the device. But, after a couple of days, because you think that the apps you have installed do not meet your requirements or you think they are not so necessary for you, so you want to uninstall these apps. Then, how to uninstall the apps on your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge?

how to uninstall apps on galaxy s7

Here is the easiest way to uninstall apps on Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge:

  1. Make sure you’re on the Home screen of Galaxy S7 or S7 edge.
  2. Tap on the top right at EDIT button.
  3. When a small minus sign appears to all newly installed apps, then tap on apps.
  4. Confirm the uninstall with YES, the app then will be removed from your Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

Repeat the same way to uninstall every app you want.

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