Tips of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Heart Rate Monitor

The app S Health is now performing a fast measurement when you use the heart rate monitor of Samsung Galaxy S7 due to its new S Health version 4.8. Therefore, you only need to lay your finger on the pulse meter sensor and turn the device over. Then it will start the heart rate monitor automatically.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Heart Rate Monitor

To be able to get the function of your Samsung Galaxy S7, you should firstly activate the device. It will work as the following:

  1. Find the app S Health on your Samsung Galaxy S7, click “heart rate” tile in the S Health menu.
  2. If you have already done this previously, you will view the measurement results of your previous time.
  3. Click “More” on your right corner, and then “Quick Measurements”.
  4. Turn it on by tapping on “On”. It means that you have already activated the Pulse Sensor on the speed measurement on your Galaxy S7.

Then lay your finger on the sensor and turn the phone over, the pulse measurement will immediately start.

Remember that you have to activate the display first to make it work from any menu. When the speed measurement does not work in standby, you can manage how to make the rapid measurement for the pulse active.

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