How to solve Samsung Galaxy S5 PeakFinder does not work well

Calibrate the Compass when you find Samsung Galaxy S5 PeakFinder does not work properly
If you have installed PeakFinder on your Samsung Galaxy S5 or another types of Samsung, then perhaps the app does not work accurately. You should be noticed that there are no mountains where they are in reality. Then the reason for this case is not on the app “PeakFinder” but the setting of your device since the magnetic compass of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is used by the app.

PeakFinder Samsung Galaxy S5

Therefore, if this is in wrong direction and bad calibration you should then certainly recalibrate this. We would like to guide you how to calibrate the compass of Samsung Galaxy S5 to make the app PeakFinder work properly:

  1. Open the phone app and go to “keypad”, type this code  : *#0*# for the service menu.
  2. There will be various tiles on the Service Menu. Click “sensor” in the middle of the tile.
  3. Move down to the entry “Magnetic Sensor” with sensor data displays.
  4. When you see a red compass needle, it means that the calibration is needed. Now, switch your Galaxy S5 once about all three axes.
  5. You will see a blue compass needle and a number “3” if you are successful to calibrate your Samsung Galaxy S5. This number reflects the correct calibration for all three axes.

Then, you will see all the mountains in the correct area on your Samsung Galaxy S5 if you use PeakFinder app.

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