Slashed price on Samsung Galaxy S8 launch date

The release date of Samsung Galaxy S8 in March triggers major price cut. Evan Blass, a successive leaker, who perfectly unveiled the Galaxy S7 with its launch a year ago, estimates the S8 and S8 Plus will release on March 29th. It is expected that this device take in edge-to-edge displays to cover almost the whole front of the phone. It is also built-in an improved camera, rear fingerprint scanner rumored with the fastest Android smartphone ever of its Qualcomm’ newest Snapdragon 836 processor.

samsung galaxy s8 release date

Beside its issue to be the phone to beat in 2017, here are some other good news for the Samsung Fans:

Samsung will decrease the price of the Galaxy S7 by time of the launch date of the Galaxy S8. Tesco Mobile as it can be proven, also has announced its tumbling price of the Galaxy S7 to a low record price. This good deal means the customers can take this device for £35 per month without upfront charge including 2Gb of 4GB data plus 1,000 minutes and 5,000 texts as the part of the offer.

Tesco mentions that all monthly offers will be full with Cropped Contracts to prevent “shocking” bills. They only need to select the monthly tariff and set a monthly security buffer to have any extras.

There is also another good offer on the basics Galaxy S7. You can have the S7 for only £25,99 per month including 3GB of data and unlimited calls and texts through  However, you will be burdened for £125 upfront charge over the 24-month contract, it is £91 less expensive that the S7 from Tesco. You will have Carphone Warehouse and a Gear Fit 2 and all handset for free if you buy the S7 between now and February 28th.

Firstly you need to snap up the phone from taking a part as retailer or network, then you can exchange your promo code via the company website. The deal is valid for the online or store purchase and also available on contract purchase.

If you are not expecting to buy the S7 on contract, Amazon offers a better offer on the phone. You can buy the S7 of 32GB model in Black and Gold for £538 by online retailer, you can save for £100 off the original retail price.

There many other smartphone makers who will also launch the devices in the upcoming months, such as Motorola, LG, Blackberry, Huawei. They will launch their new devices at the end of February in Mobile World Congress.

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