How to find the WiFi MAC Address on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

How to find the WiFi MAC Address – If you need the MAC address on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphones to identify your device to your Wi-Fi Router exclusively, you should find out the information in the Android Settings.

How to find WiFi MAC Address

However, when you find it difficult, this article may guide you to find the MAC address of your Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

Firstly, you should navigate to the following submenu of the Android operating system, then go to “Menu” and then to “Settings”, then you should move down to the bottom to “Device-Information”, click on it. Then find “Status”, and finally you will view “W-LAN-MAC-Address” which is the MAC address you are searching for that you want for your W-Lan Router.Now, you have understood where you are able to search the W-Lan MAC Address on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

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